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As a leading Muslim funeral home in Brooklyn, NY, we have seen all kinds of situations and all kinds of families with different levels of need. Still, the one thing that remains unchanged is the necessity for a proper burial. Whether you are in need of burial resources or need someone to help you make arrangements, we will be here for you. We are Muslim Funeral Services of NY and we are led by our faith in Allah to assist the good Muslims of Brooklyn, NY and all the five boroughs.
Our staff is very consoling and respectful. We know what it means to lose someone you loved dearly so we will handle your case with the utmost sensitivity and sincerity. If you need financial support, we take donations to help under-funded families. Here is what our services include:

  • Removal of the Deceased—Our qualified staff will remove the body of the deceased from the home or hospital with the greatest care and respect.
  • Ghusl—We make Ghusl Mayyit available for our clients here at Muslim Funeral Services of NY. The ritual is performed with pure and sanctified well and rain water by qualified personnel. As we know, washing and shrouding are vital for the bodies of the deceased as well as unclean living.
  • Kaffan—We take all necessary size precautions to make sure that the body of the deceased is properly shrouded with 3 pieces of cloth.
  • Transportation of Deceased to masjid of Choice—Allow us to properly transport to the Mosque that you and your family belong to.
All arrangements services we provide come at a very affordable cost as we know that these earthly riches mean nothing.

We provide an essential service for any Muslim family and we have become a staple of the community as a result. Come to our Muslim funeral home in Brooklyn, NY.

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