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There is great comfort in knowing that the loved ones that have passed on will soon be in paradise and that is precisely why we are proud to offer Islamic funeral services in Brooklyn, NY. You will get the support and assistance you require when you come to us here at Muslim Funeral Services of NY because our calling is of a higher nature than that of this earthly realm. It is an honor for us to help fellow Muslims through the grieving process as we know that our services please The Prophet Muhammad.
Over our 12 years of offering Islamic funeral service in Brooklyn, NY, we have handled situations of all kinds. From family members dying overseas to family members in need of financial support, we have helped all kinds of people here at Muslim Funeral Services of NY. Here is what you should know about our services:

  • Laws of The Quran and Sunah Are Followed—The laws of The Quran and Sunah give very strict edicts about how a Muslim should be sent to the afterlife and we adhere to those edicts very closely here at Muslim Funeral Services of NY.
  • We Provide Muslim Burial and Shipping Services—It does not matter where a Muslim has fallen, it is our mission to see to it that every Muslim gets a proper burial.
  • Salaatul Janazah on Our Deceased Muslims is Fard Al Kifayah—As you know, Salaatul Janazah is a communal obligation that must be fulfilled lest the community be guilty of sin. We help with monthly grave honoring and prayers.
All of the services we offer are conducted by a holy Muslim Imam well-known in the community. By providing Islamic Funeral services in Brooklyn, NY, we are doing the work of God here at Muslim Funeral Services of NY.

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